The assembly instructions of the thread insertIt consists of drilling、tapping、bottom detect、installation of thread insert and break-offtool, mainly, thread detect、the six assembly instructions follows:

1、钻孔  按表中d0的尺寸选用合适钻头,刃磨准确,钻孔后孔口倒角不易超过0.4P深度,倒角过大不利于丝套的安装,最好为120°倒角。


The taper should be selected suitably from the dimension of do in the table and be sharpened accurately The chamfer is inappropriate to exceed the depth of 0.4p after tapping. the best chamfer is 120°, which makes against setting of thread insert if it is too big.

2、攻丝  用相应规格的丝套专用丝锥攻丝,用户可根据所需内螺孔的精度,适当选择攻丝方法和润滑方式,盲孔攻丝时要用力适当,以防止丝锥折断,攻丝后应清理干净螺纹孔,防止螺孔与丝套间有杂物。


The special screw tap corresponding to the thread insert is selected to use (using lubricant oil or grease for this operation) when the through hole is tapped, the force should be appropriate to prevent taper rupturing. After tapping the tape hole should be cleared.

3、底孔检测 攻丝后把底孔碎削清理干净,在钢丝螺套安装之前用底孔塞规检测底孔通止规情况。

3、Bottom detect:

Clean up bottom clastic after tapping, detected the pass and stop instrumeat of bottom by bottom plug before the installation.

4、安装丝套  在一般情况下应用手动安装扳手安装丝套,将丝套放入套筒槽口内,丝套安装柄朝下,芯轴穿过丝套卡住安装柄,拧入导套处,对准基体螺孔,顺时针转动芯轴。应注意不要在丝套安装柄上施加较大的轴向力,以防跳扣或安装柄折断。

4、Installation of thread insert:

Insert the tool in the dilled hole lower than the

thread insert into the tapping pressure.

5、冲断安装柄  通孔时,要将丝套安装柄冲断,一般用冲断器对准安装柄,用200g左右的榔头猛击一下即可去除,对于18×2.5以上的粗牙丝套和14×1.25以上的细牙丝套,用尖嘴钳上下弯曲安装柄就可去除。


Break the tail off using the break-off tool in order to use the whole length of the tapping

6、螺纹检测  安装钢丝螺套之后,用螺纹塞规检测通止规情况。

6、Thread detect:

After installing the screw sets, detected the  pass and stop instrument by thread plug guge.

7、 取钢丝螺套:在安装过程中出现问题或者由于钢丝螺套使用时间过久需要取出丝套,应当使用带有刃的卸套工具对准螺套端口,用榔头猛打一下,用手加力按下手柄反螺纹旋转即可退出钢丝螺套。